Instructions for a Samsung TV Remote

By J. Anthony Cooley

Updated September 09, 2022

Instructions for a Samsung TV Remote
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Your Samsung remote is the doorway to many of your TV's functions. Knowing how to use your Samsung remote control will give you confidence when you want to perform a specific operation on your TV. Really, all you need to do is learn the positions of the different Samsung remote buttons and what they do.

Where is the Power Button on a Samsung TV Remote?

Press the red button positioned at the top of the remote. This is the "Power" button. When pressed, the "Power" button turns the TV on and off.

You can also choose the input source by pressing the "Source" button, usually found on the upper corner opposite the power button.

Locate the Number Pad

Press the buttons located below the "Power" button. These buttons are numbered 0 through 9. These buttons are collectively known as the "Number pad." The number pad allows you to get to a desired channel quickly by manually typing in the number of the channel you want to watch, as opposed to having to flip though the channels one by one.

Double-Digit Channel Selection Samsung Remote Buttons

Press the button located to the left of the "0" button. This is the "One/Two-digit channel selection" button. This button allows you to switch from viewing single digit to double digit channels. This button also functions as the "Teletext" hold button. The button to the right of the "0" button is the "Previous" channel button. This button allows you to switch between the last two channels you viewed.

Adjust the Volume on Your Samsung Remote

Press the "+" and "-" buttons. These are the volume buttons. The plus sign button raises the volume, while minus sign button lowers the volume. The up-down buttons to the right of the volume buttons are the channel buttons. The up button changes the TV to the next channel up while the down button changes the channel down.

Mute the Audio

Press the button to the left of the volume button; this is the "Mute" button. The mute button turns off the sound of the TV, pressing it again will turn the sound back on. The button to the right of the channel button is the "Available source selection" button and allows you to change input sources to view.

Menu, TV, Info and Exit Samsung Smart TV Buttons

Look at the buttons that create an arching pattern. These buttons starting from the left are: the "Menu" button that, when pushed, brings up the TV menu, the "TV" button that allows you to select the TV source directly, the "Info" button lets you see station information and the "Exit button" allows you to exit the on-screen display.

Navigate Menus with Cursor Control Buttons

Look at the buttons at the bottom of the remote that create a circle. The outside buttons are the "Cursor Control buttons" that allow you to move from menu options in the same direction as the arrow mark on the particular button. The left arrow moves the cursor left, the right button moves the cursor right, the up button moves the cursor up and the down button moves the cursor down. The button in the center is the "Enter" button and it allows you to select the highlighted menu option.

Additional Samsung Remote Buttons

Look at the buttons at the very bottom of the remote control. The top row of these buttons from left to right are: the "TelText" display button that allows both broadcasting and text information to be read, the "Sound mode display" and "Teletext display" buttons allow you to select displays from sound and teletext modes, "Sleep"/"Teletext store" button sets the sleep timer and stores teletext settings and the "Teletext size selection" button allows you to select the size of the teletext.

Adjust the Effects

Look at the bottom row of the buttons at the very bottom of the remote starting from left to right. The "Fastext topic selection" button allows you to select fast text options, "Sound effects selection" allows you to select sound effect options and "Picture effects selections" allows you to select picture effects.

Learn Alternative Layouts

Not all Samsung remotes are exactly the same, with options like the BN59-01301A from Samsung Parts having slight differences in layout. However, the guide above introduces the most important features, even if they're found somewhere else on a specific remote.