How to Find Alternate Mac Addresses

By Garrett Genet

Updated September 22, 2017

Alternative Media Access Control (MAC) addresses are not typically found; you can think of each one as a hardware signature unique to its network device. Therefore, alternative MAC addresses are created by users. In context with the Xbox 360, however, Microsoft recommends that you copy your home computer's MAC address as the alternative for the console (if you're experiencing connectivity problems); finding alternative MAC addresses means finding the one your computer's network interface card (NIC) has.

Obtain Your Computer's MAC Address

Open your "Start" menu and click "Run." If you don't see it, press and hold the "Windows" key on your keyboard, then press "R."

Type in "cmd" and then press "Enter" to open the command prompt.

Type "ipconfig/all" and press "Enter." Write down the MAC address listed; it will be labeled "Physical address" and have 12 digits.

Configure the Xbox 360 with an Alternative MAC Address

Go to "My Xbox" in your console and select the "System Settings" panel.

Select "Network Settings," then "Configure Network."

Select the "Additional Settings" tab and open "Advanced Settings."

Select "Alternate MAC Address" and enter your computer's MAC address. When you've finished, select "Done."

Select "Done" again and then press "B" on your controller. Choose to test your connection to see if the connectivity issue has been resolved.