How to Repair a 360 E64 Error

By LangstonD

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Torx screwdriver

  • Long thin thick needle

  • Mini flathead screwdriver

  • SATA cables

  • 12-volt power cable

The E64 error is one of the scariest messages known to gamers.
i error digital image by UBE from

So you're sitting down in your comfy chair playing your favorite gaming system, and bam! Suddenly there is a blank screen and a flash of red light. Did you just finish the stage? Nope. Unfortunately you might be experiencing the Xbox 360 error E64, also known as the red rings of death. An error of this severity prevents you from playing any game on your system until you get it fixed. A warrantied repair from Microsoft will be free of charge; however, it'll take a month before you're up and playing again. If you're no longer under warranty, you'll be dropping $140 plus a shipping charge. Doing the fix yourself, therefore, is a brilliant idea.

Disassemble Xbox 360

Remove any disc that is currently in the disc drive. Turn off the gaming console.

Move the game console to a work space where you are able to disassemble it. Place your finger in the USB slot panel and pull the front panel off. The USB slots are found near the power button on the front-end of the console.

Locate the small clips that hold the top grilles onto the console. Use a thin durable needle, one that is thin enough to slide between the grille and durable enough to not bend under pressure, to unhinge these top grilles. Four clips adhere the top hard drive grilles to the console. By applying pressure to the hinges you will be able to remove each grille.

Remove the four case clips found on the front of the console. Use the flathead screwdriver to remove the four clips by applying a little pressure to them. The clips are little button-like structures that, as you apply pressure to them, unlock the console's chassis. Lift the top half of the case off of the bottom half.

Remove the back clips from the console by taking the needle and running it along the back crease line in the console. As you run the needle along there, the clips will pry open when you apply adequate pressure. Seven clips can be found on the back of console; as you pass over them you'll hear a click to confirm that they're unhinged.

Pry the DVD eject button and the bezel off of the DVD reader using the flathead screwdriver.

Remove the six Torx screws with the Torx screwdriver. The screws are found on the back panel. They are arranged with three at the top on each end and one in the middle, and three directly below in the same layout.

Remove the DVD drive by removing the SATA and power cables. Take your hand and grab the thin cable, which is the SATA cable, and pull it gently until it unplugs. Repeat the same action on the motherboard. Pull on the power cables until they are gently removed as well. Do the same thing to the connector on the motherboard.

Reinsert the DVD cables, using either the same cables or replacing them with new ones. The same cables can be used if the console simply needed the cables to be reinserted. If you're still having problems with the old cables, you will have to purchase new cables, because your cables are probably faulty. Reassemble the system and power it on. The error message shouldn't appear anymore and you can begin gaming again.


By opening your Xbox 360 you will void any warranty, so be sure to use these steps as a last resort.