How to Unlock a Phone Without the Lock Code

by Breann Kanobi ; Updated September 28, 2017

Many cell phones have optional lock codes you can set to increase security. When these codes are in effect, you must input the code before using your phone. Therefore, if you forget your code, you can't use your phone. Luckily, there are several online programs that allow you to unlock your phone for free. Check reviews before downloading an unlocking program, as a faulty program may destroy the software on your cell phone.

Unlocking Software

Download an unlocking software compatible with your phone (see Resources). ome programs offer free unlock codes, while others charge a small fee.

Check the model number on the back of your cell phone.

Input the model in the required field of the unlock code program.

Input the unlock code in your cell phone.

Other Options

Visit your local cell phone store with your phone in hand.

Ask an employee to unlock your phone. The employee may ask you information that validates your account, such as your full name and birthday, or he may ask to see a photo ID.

Look up the default unlock code for your phone model online (see Resources). Input the default code into your phone to unlock your phone.

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