How to Record Streaming Video for Free

By Ziggy Thomas

Updated September 28, 2017

Recording videos on the Internet is useful for sites that offer streaming user-submitted videos and other video streaming sites. Recording the video allows you to watch the video whenever you want without an Internet connection. There are a variety of a ways to record or save a streaming video from the Internet. Some browsers offer extensions you can download then use to record the streaming videos; programs are made to capture streaming video, and some sites offer to download the video to their servers then give you a download link to download it yourself.

Use downloadable software such as CamStudio or WM Recorder, which allow you to record the streaming video by simply entering in the website URL in the box labeled "URL" and clicking "Record" to begin and "Stop" when you are finished. WM Recorder costs money for the full version but offers a free trial version you can use to record video.

Use web browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox such as Video Downloader. Video Downloader allows you to download and store streaming video. After installing Video Downloader, an icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your browser that you can click when you have a streaming video page open to save the video. A pop-up window will offer a download link for the video that you can click and begin the download and save to your computer.

Use websites that will download the video to their servers and then you download the video from them, such as or YouTube Downloader. Enter the URL of the streaming video you want onto the website and select the site that the video is coming from. Your download will automatically start or you will be provided with a URL you can download the video from. YouTube Downloader only allows you to download videos from


There are many free ways to download and record streaming video. Make sure what you are trying to use does not cost money. Also make sure that what you are downloading is from a legit source to avoid harmful programs on your computer.


Many software programs that allow the recording of streaming videos cost money, but many of these programs also offer free trial versions. Downloading unknown and unverified programs from the Internet could cause viruses, malware or other harmful things to be downloaded your computer.