How to Adjust the Color on a Samsung TV

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

You need the Samsung remote control to adjust the color of your Samsung television.
i remote control image by Mat Hayward from

When watching television on a Samsung TV set, you may notice the color is slightly off, particularly in scenes that are either all green or have close ups on the human skin. Regardless of the problem with the color it is possible to fix the issue, thanks to the advanced color settings in the Samsung television system. Although the actual menu setup may vary, depending on the model of Samsung TV you are using, the options you select and adjust are always the same.

Power on the television and press the "Menu" button on the Samsung television.

Choose "Picture" to bring up the video options of the Samsung television set.

Push the directional arrow button down until you select "Hue." The hue controls the green to red levels of the television set. If the TV is too red push the "Left" directly button to reduce the red and add green. Perform the opposite if the screen is too green.

Choose the "Color Saturation" option. This involves how much the color bleeds over into surrounding areas. If you notice colors are fading into the background you need to reduce the contrast. Select this option the push the "Left" direction arrow to reduce the contrast.

Select the "Color Temperature" option. This is the overall color level of the TV. Change the color to "Cool" if the reds are too intense, while you are able to set it to "Warm" if the TV is too blue.