How to Print Quarter-Fold Cards

By Brittiany Cahoon

Updated October 03, 2017

Printing your own greeting cards saves time and money.
i christmas greeting card image by Attila Toro from

Greeting cards can be expensive. Sometimes store bought cards just don't say what you need them to say. Printing your own quarter fold cards allows you to be creative, while saving you time and money. You can print cards for any occasion, and people will love receiving your handcrafted greetings and invitations.

Use an online template

Choose a website that offers free card templates. (See Resources.) Pick a card for your occasion from the options offered.

Select a card template from the options under your occasion. Click on the "Quarter Fold" card option underneath your selection.

Type in the text you want to appear in your card. Click "Make my card." Print your card on cardstock and fold it so that the picture appears on the front and the text appears on the inside.

Create a card using Microsoft Word

Download a free quarter-fold greeting card template from Avery. (See Resources.) Click "Download Template." Type in your information in the popup window. Open the document using Microsoft Word.

Insert pictures or add text to each of the four boxes in the document to create your own card. Input text using wordart on the drawing toolbar. Select "rotate or flip" under the "Draw menu" on the drawing toolbar. Rotate the text so it is upside down in the top two boxes.

Print your card on cardstock when you are finished designing it. Fold the card so that the two lower boxes of the document create the front and back of the card, while the two upper boxes create the inside of the card.


Using an online template is more convenient since it requires less formatting, but using a Microsoft Word template allows you to insert your own pictures to make your card a little more personal.


Websites that offer downloadable templates will usually ask for your email address. If you don't want extra mail in your inbox, click the "No" option so the website won't send you offers.