How to Transfer Numbers Between Phones in Verizon

By Kenneth W. Michael Wills

Updated September 28, 2017

A Verizon representative can help  transfer your phone number to a new Verizon phone.
i cell phone image by Alexey Klementiev from

If you want to transfer your phone number to another Verizon phone, you will need to have another inactive phone compatible with the Verizon network. You have two options to transfer your number to the new phone: either visit a Verizon store or authorized dealer, or call customer service from a landline phone.

Visit the closet Verizon store or authorized dealer (see Resources), or call Verizon customer service at 1-800-922-0204. Inform the representative you want to transfer your number to another Verizon phone. If you visit a store, make sure you bring the new handset, and if you opt to call customer service, do not call from your cell phone.

Take the back cover off of your second phone and take out the battery. Look at the sticker inside your phone and locate the MEID number. This number identifies the handset. Provide this number to the representative. Provide the representative with your phone number and any account information requested for verification of your identity. You will need to present your driver's license or state ID if visiting a store in person.

Put the battery back into your phone, put the cover back on, and when prompted by the representative, turn on the phone.

Place a test call with your phone to verify the service is working on your new phone before either leaving the store or hanging up with the representative.