How to Copy IE Favorites to a Flashdrive

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 28, 2017

i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Mobilize your Internet Explorer favorites by copying them to a flash drive. This allows you to easily transfer the favorites to another computer. It also allows you to keep the saved file on you at all times, should you need to access them on a different PC in an emergency. The Internet Explorer favorites are also known as bookmarks. Flash drives are also known as thumb drives or USB drives.

Double-click the Internet Explorer program icon to open Internet Explorer. You can also click on the icon in the Windows start menu.

Click "Favorites" on the top bar. This button has a star logo next to it. The favorites menu now opens on the left sidebar.

Click the "Down" arrow next to "Add to Favorites." Click "Import and Export." Select "Export to a File."

Click "Next." Place a check next to "Favorites." If you'd like to include your saved RSS feed in this file, you can also click "Feed." Click "Next" twice.

Click "Browse" to choose the "Save to" location. For best results, save it to your Windows desktop. Click "Export."

Plug your flash drive into the PC. Click on "Computer" in the Windows start menu. Click on the flash drive to open it and view the files.

Click on the saved favorites file on your Windows desktop. Hold your mouse button down and drag the file into the open flash drive folder. Once the "Transferring" menu disappears, the favorites file is saved to the flash drive.

Close the flash drive folder window. Right-click on the green check in your taskbar notification area. Click "Safely Remove." When the system prompts you, unplug the flash drive.


You can also right-click on the saved favorites file and select "Copy." Then right click on the flash drive folder background and select "Paste." This is an alternate method if you've chosen to place the favorites file in a location other than your desktop.