How to Adjust HP LaserJet Fuser Temps

By Bonnie Conrad

Updated September 28, 2017

Check the condition of the printer fuser.
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The job of the printer fuser is to seal the ink to the paper. If the fuser temperature is not set correctly, the ink will rub right off the paper, resulting in wasted ink and wasted paper. Fortunately, owners of HP printers can adjust the temperature of the fuser temperature until they get a perfect seal every time.

Click the "Menu" button on the printer until you see the "Print Quality" menu. Click the "Item" button until you see "Fuser Mode."

Press the "Value" button to change the fuser mode. You can choose from several fuser modes, including normal, low and high. Normal is the default setting, and in most cases it should provide sufficient heat to fuse the ink to the paper. Heavier paper like card stock often requires the temperature to be set to high. If the paper is singeing or becoming discolored, setting the temperature to low can resolve the issue.

Click the "Select" button to confirm your choice. Send a print job to the printer and rub the printed page vigorously. Change the toner mode if the print rubs off the page. You might need to experiment with several different fuser temperature settings until you find the right one for your printer.