How to Retrieve AT&T Voice Mail on a Landline

By Danielle Gream

Updated September 28, 2017

Voice mail left on residential or cellular phone lines can be accessed using a landline telephone.
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AT&T residential and wireless phone services often come with voice mail plans. Voice mail messages are stored electronically and can be retrieved from other phone lines using access codes and passwords. Though you can access voice mail quicker using your AT&T line, messages for mobile or land lines also can be accessed using a phone from another service provider.

Retrieving Messages for Residential Lines

Dial *98 if you're calling from the AT&T line for which the voice mail has been left. Alternatively, if calling from the home line, you can dial your access code (provided by AT&T), followed by your 10-digit telephone number and press "#." Also, you may dial your home telephone number and press "9" at any time during the voice mail greeting to access your voice mail messages.

Use the access code method mentioned above if calling from a phone other than your AT&T home phone. When calling from a different phone, you can also dial your home phone number and dial "9" at any time during the voice mail greeting.

Enter your pass code, if prompted, to access your voice mail.

Retrieving Messages for Cellular Lines

Dial your AT&T mobile phone number and wait for the voice mail greeting.

Press the star key (*) at any time during the voice mail greeting.

Enter your voice mail pass code when prompted.

Press "1" to listen to your voice mail messages.