How to Listen to a CB Radio on the Internet

By Jennifer Hudock

Updated September 15, 2017

You no longer need a CB radio to tune into CB conversations.
i radio image by Allyson Ricketts from

CB radio has always been a popular means of communication for truck drivers and other travelers to keep in touch while on the road. The popularity drove thousands of people to set up CB communication in their homes, and though cell phones have become the latest way to stay in touch, you can still tune in to CB radio if you have a high speed Internet connection.

Open your web browser and type in the URL for the Internet CB Radio website (link in resources.)

Download and install the Voiperized program (link in resources) by clicking on the software link and saving it to your computer.

Double click on the Voiperized program after installation to start running it. Select "File" and "Add Contact" from the prompt after you start the program.

Type in "livecbradio" into both open slots when prompted for a "Name" and "Username."

Alter your Voiperized settings for "Push to Talk" mode and set your bitrate to 10kbps and save the settings.

Choose your CB handle and type it into the "Set Name" box.

Open the "Contacts" menu in the Voiperized program and right-click on the "livecbradio" option. Scroll down the prompt menu and click on "Connect."


You can also talk back to CB radio communicators on the live stream by pressing the "Push to Talk" button.