How to Unlock a Wii Region

By Eden Tyler

Updated September 22, 2017

A tiny memory card is all that is needed to unlock more games for the Wii.
i memory card image by Dariusz Urbanczyk from

Not every Wii game is available due to the region, or country, the game is played in. These games are called region, or import, games. There is a simple way to unlock a Wii, though, and once it is done not only will players have access to these new games, but also a wide variety of other features unavailable on a locked system.

Type "" in your address bar to bring up software options.

Click on "BreWii," as an example. On that site, click on "Download BreWii Now."

Input your payment information to allow the download. Download the program by clicking on the link.

Go to "My Computer" from the computer's "Start" menu and click "Downloads." Click on the downloaded software and wait for a pop-up box to appear. Hit "Save" in the pop-up box to install the software onto the computer.

Insert an SD memory card into either the USB loader, the printer or directly into a memory card slot.

Transfer the saved software to the SD card.

Turn on the Nintendo Wii. Insert the SD card into the card slot, either in front or back depending on the console version.

Allow the software to load onto the gaming system. Turn off the console and turn it back on to restart with the updated regional information.