Games That Go With the Dance Mat for Wii

By Michelle Labbe

Updated September 22, 2017

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Getting a dance mat for your Nintendo Wii gaming system adds another dimension of play and new possibilities for the games you can use. In addition to the active exercise and sports simulations you can play using the Wii controller and Wii balance board, you'll be able to play "Dance Dance Revolution"-style dance games as well.

DDR Hottest Party

Konami, the company behind the original "Dance Dance Revolution", designed the "DDR Hottest Party" game especially for use with the Wii dance pad. The game includes music selections from pop hits of the last 40 years. The game allows for up to four-person multiplayer and works with the Wii remote and nunchuk controllers.

Several upgraded versions of "DDR Hottest Party" are available. "DDR Hottest Party 2" offers enhanced options and settings to accommodate both new and experienced players. It also contains new songs and both online and offline support for technical issues.

"DDR Hottest Party 3" has songs and new modes beyond what "Hottest Party 2" offers, including a Story mode and a Kids mode. Konami expanded the multiplayer options as well so that more players than ever can join in. The game is also compatible with the Wii balance board so that players can use the game as a workout tool as part of their Wii Fit program.

DDR Disney Grooves

The "DDR Disney Grooves" game incorporates the world of Disney into the traditional "DDR"-style game. "Disney Grooves" includes a host of Disney characters and 40 Disney songs. It's geared more toward younger players than other versions of "DDR games," or for die-hard Disney fans.

Walk It Out

Walk It Out from Nintendo is a different kind of game for the Wii dance pad. Instead of being modeled after "DDR," the "Walk It Out game," compatible with both the Wii Balance Board and the Wii Dance Pad, moves you through an entire game world to the rhythm of popular music. The game includes more than 100 songs, and the landscape becomes more detailed and complicated as you move further into it. The game is designed to be fitness-oriented like Wii Fit and allows you to chart your progress through calories burned, distance traveled and steps taken.