Infinite Cheats for Pokemon FireRed Version

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon FireRed" is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo for its Game Boy Advance hand-held gaming console. In this game, you take control of Pokemon trainers, who must capture Pokemon in order to become the region's top trainer. When using the GameShark cheat device with this game, you can get an infinite number of certain items or other objects in-game.

Infinite Safari Time

Enter the code 820399960258 into the GameShark to give yourself infinite time in the Safari Zone. When this code is on, you can stay in the Safari Zone until you decide to leave.

Inifnite Safari Balls

Enter the code 820399940063 to give yourself infinite Safari Balls. When you are in the Safari Zone, you can throw as many balls as you want at the animals inside, since Safari Balls are the only balls you can use in the Safari Zone.

Infinite PP

Enter the following code to have infinite PP

42023C086363 000000020002

Now, any move performed by your Pokemon should have maximum accuracy.

Inifnite Money

Enter the following codes to get infinite money:

7B9BF36F3E54 057F598C429E 67506BC45CBD 00B6F1903AF7 CC4F8C630144 A30F4BE92B37 4EA3D5281636 424F078E7AD1 0FC3F521963E 832B1FF442CB 6FA755041618 C70BBAD883D3 C5B56DEED1B8

Now, you will not lose money when you pay for goods and services.