How to Watch DVDs on the Wii

By Kelley Morrow

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii is one of the few gaming systems available that does not offer the ability to watch DVDs directly from the console. Different methods allow users to solve this dilemma, but most of them are risky to the console and are difficult to accomplish. They typically involve unlocking the Wii, which voids the manufacturer's warranty, and quite a few of them could cause permanent damage to the console itself, rendering it useless. The safest way to use a Wii for movie viewing is to transfer a DVD movie to an SD card in a Wii-supported format.

Download, install and run a DVD ripper program. Several free versions are available for download from various websites.

Load the DVD into the computer. Follow the on-screen prompts in the version of the DVD ripper that you downloaded to convert the DVD files to a Wii-supported format (Wii AVI Video, or .avi). This step may take some time, depending on the processor speed of your computer.

Insert or connect a size-appropriate SD card into your computer, and copy the converted .avi file to the SD card.

Insert the SD card into your Wii, and play the movie.


Larger SD cards will hold more movies.


Downloading programs from nonverified sources could cause damage to your computer.