How to Connect a Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

By George Lawrence J.D.

Updated September 22, 2017

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The Nintendo Wii is a video game system that uses wireless remotes to capture a player’s real-time motions. For example, you can swing the Nintendo Wii remote as if it were a sword, and the system would track your movements and translate them into a sword slash in the game. The sensor bar that comes with the Wii attaches to the back of the system via a 12-foot wire. If you don't want to deal with this long wire, wireless sensor bars are available.

Remove the battery cover from the wireless sensor bar and insert new batteries. The battery type you need will vary. A Nyko bar, for example, uses four AA batteries, while other models require a nine-volt battery. Replace the battery cover.

Mount the sensor bar at the top center or bottom center of your television or entertainment center. Most wireless sensor bars come with adhesive tape on the bottom; press the bar down firmly to keep it in place.

Press the power button on the wireless sensor bar. Since the wireless sensor bar is essentially two infrared sources that help orientate the signals sent from the wireless remotes, no syncing with the Wii is needed.