How to Program an XBox 360 Wireless Controller

by Aaron WeinUpdated September 22, 2017
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The Xbox 360, Microsoft's video game console, has two basic controllers: wired and wireless. The wireless controller has several features, including a 30-foot connectivity range and rechargeable battery. The device can also be programmed to sync to any console using its connectivity controls, with up to four controllers programed per Xbox 360, wire-free.

Turn on the console that you wish to program the controller for and move the controller within 30 feet of the Xbox 360.

Insert batteries in the controller if necessary.

Hold the controller's silver "Guide" button until it powers on. The button will flash, indicating power.

Push the Xbox 360's "Connect" button, situated to the right of the memory unit slots.

Push the "Connect" button on your wireless controller. The connect button is located between the RB and LB buttons. The controller will automatically program to the Xbox 360.

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