I Spy Games to Play

By Tiffany Roget

Updated September 22, 2017

Encourage kids to play games to practice problem solving and listening skills.
i group of kids playing image by dip from Fotolia.com

If you're interested in encouraging your children or students to learn how about letters, spelling, reading or identifying hidden objects, the brand I Spy has a number of games available to assist you in meeting your needs. Choose from board games and word scrambles to several PC or video game system options. Seize the opportunity to spend quality time with your child while helping him or her excel academically.

I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse

Suitable for use on PCs, I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse encourages kids ages five and older to practice their observation and attention to detail skills. Once you've helped your child download this game, he or she can enjoy choosing between one of seven different scenes to play while in search of specific objects. This game is easy to play and caters to young minds. Players need only move their mouse around throughout a given scene and watch designated items light up when the cursor passes over them. Verbal instructions and support help kids move through the different pages and when players finish a page, secret pages are unlocked for fresh exploration.

I Spy Bingo

Intended for ages four and older, I Spy Bingo is a board game suitable for two to six players. To begin, each participant receives at least one bingo-style card covered with letters and images. Next, someone shuffles cards with matching images and letters and lies the deck face-down. Players take turns pulling cards and announcing what the letter and picture on their card. All participants then check to see if they have a match and if so, cover it with a provided marker. To make this game more challenging, instruct all players to sound out and then spell the name of their object. The first person with four covered spaces in a row wins the game.

Ultimate I Spy

Intended for ages seven years of age and older, Ultimate I Spy is for use on the Nintendo Wii game system. Young physically and mentally active kids of all ages enjoy using the Wii wand to "touch" items as they find them and unlock their hidden location. Additional games are included in this new I Spy game form including paddleball, dart throwing, juggling dominoes. Players must play these games in order to unlock secrets and move forward in overall play. Riddles also challenge participants. Parents can help their kids play games that stimulate their mind in a positive way while encouraging them to learn new information. Multiple player games also apply.