"Blast Billiards 6: Extreme Blast Billards" Cheats

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

"Blast Billiards 6: Extreme Blast Billiards" is the first title in the series that allows the use of cheats to skip to any level. Originally, the only way to get these cheat codes was to subscribe to the Mousebreaker newsletter, but many of the codes have since became available to players without restriction.

Level 5 Cheat

Level 5 is a tricky level to complete because the shot power will be jammed at full strength. Type "fixthepower" without quotation marks into the cheat code box in the lower left area of the level select menu before starting the level. Click on the "Activate" button after typing in the phrase. If done correctly, "Cheat Enabled" will appear over the Level 5 billiard ball. This cheat will allow you to play the level without the shot power being jammed at full strength.

Level 10 Cheat

Level 10 gives you 60 seconds to sink the red billiard ball into one of the pockets. With shot power set at maximum level, aim for the right pocket at the top of the table. Adjust your aim so it is slightly lower than the pocket. Your shot will veer away from the magnet, rebound off two cushions and knock the ball into the pocket.

Level 15 Cheat

Level 15, titled "Top Secret," is intentionally difficult so players will subscribe to the Mousebreaker newsletter to access to the password that makes the level easier. Type in the phrase "jfmamj" without the quotation marks at the screen that says "Enter Password" for Level 15. Click on the "Enter" button to play the level.