How to Block Restricted Calls on a Cell Phone

by Kelly SheehanUpdated September 28, 2017

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to block phone numbers from calling your cell phone. This may be due to a change in personal relationships or an overuse of a personal cell phone by a coworker or employee. It may also be due to threatening or uncomfortable phone calls by an individual. Blocking numbers is a fairly simple process that allows calls to no longer be accepted by the phone, but instead sent directly to voicemail.

Access "Recent Calls" listing on your phone. Often, pushing the green "Call" button when no one is calling will bring up the "Recent Calls" screen.

Scroll to the number you want to add to the restricted calls list. Select "Options" on your phone. It should be shown at the bottom of the screen over the button you need to push to select it.

Scroll through the "Options" menu until you reach "Add to Reject List." Push the button that has the word "Select" over it. A message should appear that states that the number has been added to the reject list.


You will still be able to receive text message and voice mails, but your phone will no longer ring first. Be sure to document and save copies of any inappropriate text messages or voicemails to support police or legal action, if necessary.

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