How to Register EA Games

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

When you purchase certain Electronic Arts (EA) games for the PC, you don't need to keep using the disc each time; some game keys can be registered to Origin, Electronic Arts' digital distribution service. In addition to unlimited downloads of that game, Origin also lets you chat with friends while in-game, keeps your game up-to-date and stores all of your registered games in one convenient location. You can register a game either through the Origin client or the website.

Origin Website

Log in to your Origin account and go into your account settings (see Resources).

Click the "Redeem Product Code" tab on the sidebar. This changes to the product redemption tab, featuring a box to enter the code and some suggestions about where to find it.

Enter your product key and click "Next." If it's a valid code, you'll be able to confirm your EA game registration. If the code doesn't work, a red banner informs you it's invalid.

Origin Client

Open the Origin client and log in to your account.

Click "Origin" from the menu bar above. This is the first item on the menu beside "Friends" and "Help." It opens a drop-down menu with several options.

Click "Redeem Product Code" to open the code redemption box. It looks exactly the same as the code redemption page on the website.

Enter the key from your game manual or box in the field provided, clicking "Next" to proceed. If the code works, you'll be able to confirm and install immediately.

Right-click your newly-registered game and select "View Game Details." This displays information about your game, including the product key in case you need to view it again in the future.


If you don't have an Origin account, you can create one while redeeming your code on the website (see Resources).

You can only register "The Sims 3" through its official website (see Resources). If you encounter trouble registering "Bulletstorm," you will need to speak to an Origin customer service agent.

You can only redeem PC game codes to Origin; the service doesn't support console games.

Under the Origin menu, clicking "Go Offline" lets you appear offline to friends. You can also keep playing your game if you lose Internet while playing; Origin only requires an Internet connection to register, or redeem, a code.


Don't try to redeem a code that someone else has already redeemed; the code won't work twice.

You cannot register "The Sims" (2000), "Battlefield Vietnam," "Battlefield 1942" or similar older games to Origin as of November 2014.

Once you register a game to your account, you can't ever remove it; verify that you're redeeming the code to your own account.