How to Play PS2 Games With USB

By Sasha Maggio

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Swap Magic (Official disc)

  • USB device (Hard drive, Flash drive)

  • Blank CD-R

  • Mod Chip (depends on PS2)

Playing PlayStation 2 games through a USB device can save the game console wear and tear.
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PlayStation 2 games can be loaded onto a USB memory stick or hard drive and played through a USB connection to the game console instead of through the game system itself. This technique can be used to preserve the life of the game console and allows the gamer to easily transport a large quantity of games to a single, small device. The process requires a product called Swap Magic, and a mod chip may also be needed for the PlayStation to play the games properly.

Download USB Advance software and save these files in a new folder. Click on the file in the folder labeled "USBAdvance-PC-Software" and extract the two files inside to the C:\ drive on the computer. There are two other files in the main folder, both labeled "USB-advance" and are 1KB and 34,520KB respectively. Burn these to a CD-R. Lastly, open the zip file "USBExtreme_wininst" and save to a new folder in the computer.

Plug the USB drive into a computer. If the USB drive is not in a FAT32 format, go to "My Computer" and right-click on the USB device. Select "Quick Format." Now go to "My Computer" and select "Properties." From here, choose "Device Manager" and choose the external USB disk drive. Select "Properties" then "Policies" and "Optimize Performance." This allows the gamer to select the MBps (megabites per second) rate, with one being the slowest and 10 or higher being really fast. To unplug the USB drive from the computer, be sure to eject it, if necessary.

Save games to the USB device by inserting the PS2 game into the computer's DVD-ROM drive, clicking on "Start" and the "Run." Type "cmd" (command) and hit "Enter." Now go to the C:\ drive and use the command: "ul_install [Source] [Target] [Game Name] [CD or DVD]" where the [Source] is the letter of the DVD drive, the [Target] is the letter for the USB drive, [Game Name] is the name of the disc/game in the DVD drive, and [CD or DVD] is dependent upon the game. To tell whether the game is a CD or DVD game, go to "My Computer" and right click on the game disc, then select "Properties." If the game is less than 700MB is it a CD; if more then a DVD. Example: DVD drive = D:\ and USB drive = J:. Then this command would look like this "ul_install D J AwesomeGameName DVD"

Insert the Swap Magic disc into the PS2 console and turn on the game system and load the Swap Magic program. When the Swap Magic screen appears, load the USB Advance program from the CD-R burned earlier. This will bring up a screen for the USB Extreme. Now, connect the USB drive to the PlayStation 2 and turn the system on again. Select the game from the USB device, press "X" and the game will load for playing.


The Swap Magic disc has to be a purchased disc, a burned copy of the program will not work.