How to Transfer Camera Pictures to a CD

By Anya Meave

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Digital camera memory card

  • Memory card reader

  • CD

  • Permanent marker

Pictures can be transferred to several writable CDs.
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Digital cameras have become more common during the past couple of years do to their ease of use. However, these digital cameras often store photographic memories which are rarely printed. Consumers can solve this problem by transferring their camera pictures to writable compact discs (CD-R), using their home computer. These pictures can then be printed and placed in albums, or copied to share with friends and family during the year.

Create a folder on the desktop to store the photo files. Right click the mouse on the desktop, and select "New," then "Folder" from the menu that appears. A new folder will appear on the desktop. Click on the text under the folder, then retype the project name. Press the "Enter" key on the keyboard upon completion.

Remove the memory card from the digital camera, and place it into the card reader. Select the "Open Folder to View Files" option from the window that appears. This will enable the user to view the photo files, and transfer them to the desktop folder.

Choose of all of the photos that will be transferred. Highlight the photo files from the window that appears by pressing the "Control" or "Apple" button and the "A" key on the keyboard. All of the files will automatically become selected. To select photos individually, click on each photo one at time while pressing the "Control" or "Apple" key.

Open the project folder on the desktop. Re-size the folder window if it is too large by placing the pointer on a corner of the window, then clicking and dragging the corner in. Once re-sized, click on the selected photo files in the memory card window, and drag the photo files into the desktop folder. The files will automatically transfer upon completion.

Place the writable compact disk into the CD drive, by pressing the button located under the drive to open it. Once open, place the disk inside of the drive, and close it by pressing the button once again. Allow it to load, then select the "Start" button on the bottom or top toolbar on the desktop.

Select "Computer" in the window that appears, then choose the CD drive located in the new screen. Another window will pop up asking the user to prepare and rename the disk. Type the name of the disk, and select "Next" to allow the disk to format.

Drag the photo project folder from the desktop into the CD drive window once the disk has been formatted. The files will begin to transfer to the CD, and a remaining time will be displayed. The transfer folder will disappear once the files have been copied. Once the photos files are transferred, the CD can be removed and labeled using a permanent marker.


The same process can be followed to burn a DVD, which has a far greater storage capacity than a CD.