How to: Low Gravity in "Left 4 Dead"

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

Turn survival horror into a low gravity zombie-like platformer with this console command.
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Plenty of games offer the unnerving experience of a zombie's breath running across your neck, but "Left 4 Dead" also introduces potential comedic effect with its gravity console command. As you try to escape the small, infected town of Fairfield, you can enable a cheat that will lower the gravity to remove the game's native jump cap.

Begin the game. Select "Options" in the game's main menu.

Select the "Keyboard/Mouse" option in the options menu, then select the "Allow Developers Console" option. Begin playing the game.

Press the "~" option during play, then type the following text into the prompt:

Sv_Cheats 1

This will enable cheat mode.

Type the following into the prompt:

ent_fire !self addoutput "gravity 0.10

This will lower the game's gravity.


This cheat is only available on the PC version of the game.