Super Mario Computer Games

By Sheila Robinson

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Super Mario Bros." is a video game that was originally created in 1985 by Nintendo. It was a game widely played on the Super Nintendo console system and in arcades. Since its release, the popularity of the Mario has inspired other people to develop many other PC games based on the original.

Super Flash Mario Bros.

Super Flash Mario Bros. is a free online computer game based directly on the original Nintendo console game. The goal in each level of the game is to reach the end of a section before time runs out. Collect gold coins to earn points. You can play as Mario or Luigi. The character you choose is controlled by the use of arrow buttons on the computer keyboard. Find this game through the website.

Super Mario Rampage

In this violent Super Mario online PC game, points are scored by shooting as many enemies as possible while collecting gold coins. You control the action using the arrow keys and the space bar on their computer keyboard. Gameplay continues until Mario gets damaged by an enemy that touches him. You can try this game out through the website.

Super Mario Flash – Halloween Version

This Halloween themed Super Mario PC game is filled with spooky music, mummies, Dracula and other ghoulish characters. The goal is to earn as many points as possible by collecting coins and killing enemies. You can control Mario by using the "Shift" button and arrow keys on a computer keyboard. This game can be found through the website.

Super Mario Hardcore

In Super Mario Hardcore, the goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible before you reach the end of each level. What makes the game “hardcore” is that Mario can kill enemies with various types of guns. Mario fans will also notice that that the music has been updated. Instead of the simple and familiar "Super Mario Bros." theme, a variety of fast and updated style music plays in the background of the game. Mario is controlled by the arrow keys on the computer keyboard.

Mario Combat Deluxe

In the Mario Combat Deluxe PC game, earn points by directing Mario to use his fists to kill off enemies like turtles and mushroom people that attack him. Each level of the game increases in difficulty as the enemies become more aggressive in their attacks. Game play continues until Super Mario takes too much damage and dies. This game can be found through the website.