Stronghold Crusader V1.2 Cheats

By HilaryPost

Updated September 22, 2017

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The PC game "Stronghold: Crusader" updates FireFly Studios' game of medieval warfare and civic management to re-situate the action in a far Eastern world of crusaders and holy fortresses. The game, whose final update was Version 1.2, contains a number of cheats to help players progress through the missions at a faster pace, so as to see more of the game.

Master Cheat Code

To enable several cheat codes within the game, load the game and wait for the main menu screen to be displayed. Hold "Shift" and "Alt" and press "A." Several other cheats will now be accessible in-game.

Unlock All Areas/Switch Characters

To see all of the missions in "Stronghold: Crusader" without having to beat and unlock every mission one by one, enter the unlock code. Start a game with the master cheat code activated and progress to the level selection screen. Hold "Alt" and press "C" to unlock all missions for selection and play in any order you please. You can also use this code in-game to cycle between characters, allowing you to get the best of each crusader's abilities.

High Gold and Popularity/Free Items

You need two things to build a strong fortress in any "Stronghold" game: plenty of gold to buy resources, and a high Popularity rating to command your subjects. To increase both of these, enter the master code, then start any mission. Hold "Alt" and press "X" to increase gold by 1,000 and Popularity by 100. You can do this multiple times within a level. To take your gold out of the equation altogether, hold "Alt" and press "F" to make all items and resources free to purchase.

Destroy Enemies

If one particular enemy or fortress is making your game difficult, you can use several cheat attacks open to you after entering the master cheat code at the title screen. To destroy a single enemy, hold "Alt" and press "Z," then choose an enemy by clicking him. To destroy an entire fortress with one click, hold "Alt" and press "K," then choose the fortress to be destroyed. To destroy the enemy's main stronghold, wherever it is located on the map, hold "Alt" and press "G." Hold "Alt" and press "Y" to violently destroy all enemies on-screen.