How to Fix XBox 360 E76 Error

By Cory Lewis

Updated September 22, 2017

Revive your Xbox 360.
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No matter how long you have had your Xbox 360, the time may come when one day it doesn't perform like it used to. Knowing about the various possible problems and issues and how to effectively deal with them can be the difference between a headache or a working console. The E76 error can be one of the most frustrating to an avid Xbox 360 game player.

Continue to play normally if your console is working. If it is not working at all, proceed to Step 2.

Send your console back to Microsoft for repair if it is still under warranty. Locate the appropriate contact information via the Resources section.

If you do not have a warranty any longer, you can attempt to repair or replace the ethernet chip (specifically, the ethernet port's controller chip, the root of the E76 error). Remove the faceplate.

Look at the gray bottom vent plate. There should be six tabs holding it into place. Gently pull up on the plate while simultaneously releasing the clips by pushing in with the opening tool (or another similar tool). Begin at the front of the case then proceed to the back, alternating sides as you go. Maintain gentle pressure pulling it up and away as you go.

Move to the front plate after removing the bottom plate. Begin removing the tabs in the same manner you did with the bottom plate starting with the front two.

Identify the motherboard and look behind the network connector. The chip should be located in this area. It should be a small, square, flat and black chip. Remove and replace the chip.


The last option will void any warranty on your console.