A List of the Resident Evil Game Series in Order

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

The “Resident Evil” series began with a mansion full of zombies and a company known as Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella, under the guise of a pharmaceuticals company, tried to create a perfect biological weapon. Unfortunately, their experiments turned deadly for the nearby citizens of Raccoon City. Though the series has evolved tremendously, the focus of the games has always been simple: survive against all odds, and kill every genetically altered monster that gets in the way.

"Resident Evil"

The Raccoon City police force known as S.T.A.R.S receives a mission to investigate some strange occurrences in the nearby mountains. Upon arrival, they are attacked by rabid zombie dogs, and those remaining flee into an abandoned mansion for safety. They soon find, though, that the mansion is not much safer. Officers Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine must work to discover the mansion's secret while avoiding the monstrous inhabitants.

"Resident Evil" was released in 1996 for PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC; as of September 2010, it has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

"Resident Evil 2"

Rookie cop Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield's sister, Claire, fatefully meet the night they arrive in Raccoon City. Leon has come to work his first day as an officer, and Claire has come looking for her brother, who has seemingly disappeared. They quickly realize the city is infested with zombies, and the few humans remaining don't appear exactly innocent. Worse yet, the company behind the disaster is preparing to bomb the city to erase any trace of the mess. The pair has mere hours to escape before the city is no more.

"Resident Evil 2" was released in 1998 for PlayStation, Dreamcast, GameCube and Nintendo 64. As of September 2010, it has a suggested retail price of $28.99.

"Resident Evil 3: Nemesis"

Raccoon City is in pieces, with its zombie denizens shuffling through the streets. Jill Valentine is one of the few remaining S.T.A.R.S members, as well as one of the only ones who knows what really caused this nightmare. She sets out to escape the city, soon running into a mercenary group sent by Umbrella to help eradicate the zombies. They, however, have been abandoned there, and team up with Jill to find a way out. Before long, a horrific monster called “Nemesis” begins to track Jill, intent on destroying any members of S.T.A.R.S who are still alive.

"Resident Evil 3" was released in 1999 for PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64, GameCube and Dreamcast. As of September 2010, its suggested retail price is $49.99.

"Resident Evil 4"

Years have passed since the Raccoon City crisis, and Umbrella Corporation is no more. Leon Kennedy is now a government agent, and is sent on a mission to a rural village in Spain. The President's daughter has been kidnapped, and sources say she's held there. When he arrives, the villagers aren't acting quite normal. They've become “ganados,” intelligent zombies that can work together and track their prey. Leon must uncover the source of the ganados and rescue the President's daughter before it's too late.

"Resident Evil 4" was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and PC. As of September 2010, its suggested price is $19.99.

"Resident Evil 5"

After escaping the horror of Raccoon City, Chris Redfield becomes a special agent at the government's request. He and his new partner, Sheva, travel to the African province of Kijuju to investigate reports of a new bio-terror threat. When they get there, they find a new kind of zombie: fast, smart and far more deadly. Chris and Sheva must take down anyone involved before the crisis spreads beyond Africa's shores and erupts into a worldwide catastrophe.

"Resident Evil 5" was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Its suggested price, as of September 2010, is $59.99.