How to Edit and Crop a Video

By Wanda Thibodeaux

Updated September 22, 2017

Once you have your videos edited, you can burn them to a DVD.
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If you have some raw video footage and a computer, you can turn your raw footage into a high-quality movie. All you need is a good video-editing program. Windows Movie Maker is free and has video-editing capability, but if you want more flexibility with your editing, you'll need something like Magix Movie Edit Pro 16. In most video-editing programs, even though the interface may be different, you will go through the basic steps of importing the video, trimming the content and then adding whatever effects you want, such as titles or fades.

Open Magix Movie Edit Pro 16. Choose "Create a new project" when prompted and give your movie a title. Click "OK."

Click the "Edit" button on the top right of the main interface. Click the "Timeline View" button underneath the video screen on the left so you can see the details of your imported video and audio.

Click the "Import" tab. Click through the directory to find the files on your computer you wish to import. Use "Ctrl" or "Shift" plus mouse clicks to select multiple files if desired. Drag your files down into the timeline at the bottom of the interface. If Magix won't show you a particular drive in the Magix directory, you may have to open a Windows Explorer window and drag the files over from there.

Click the video clip you want to edit in the interface to select it. Hover your mouse over the very end of the clip until you see horizontal arrows. Click once and then move your mouse left or right to trim off content. Alternately, click the "Edit" menu on the top left of the interface to set markers or choose a specific range of the video to cut.

Select any video clip from which you want to remove audio. Press "Ctrl" and "M" to separate the audio from the video. Select the audio and press "Delete." Import audio tracks in the same method as video if desired; simply position them under the video in the appropriate spot. Audio also may be edited in the same fashion as video, and you may import directly from a CD by placing the CD in your drive and choosing "Import audio from CD tracks" under the "File" menu.

Click the "Fade," "Title" or "Effect" tabs in the left-hand directory. Select the clip to which you want to apply the fade, title or effect. Double-click on the specific fade, title or effect desired or drag it onto your selected clip. You should see handles on the edge of the clips; drag these to adjust the length of the fade, title or effect.

Save your project to a location you will remember on your computer.


Click and drag clips to rearrange their order in the timeline.