How to Add a Discount to an Invoice in QuickBooks Pro

By David Roberts

Updated September 15, 2017

i Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Adding a discount to an invoice in QuickBooks is the same in both the Pro or Premier versions. This is a discount that you offer a customer, not one offered to you by vendors for early payment of bills. The discount must be created and then applied to the invoice.

Open QuickBooks, and then open your business in the application. Click on "Lists", "Type" and "Discount". The "Add New Discount" window will open. If you plan to offer more than one type of discount, then name the discount with that in mind. For example, you might name two discounts "Senior Discount" and "Promotional Discount".

Enter the description of the discount in the "Description" box. This will be printed on the customer's invoice. The description may be one or two words or a phrase, but don't create an extraordinarily long description.

Enter the amount of the discount. Click the "Amount or %" box. If you don't enter the "%" sign, QuickBooks will assume that the number you enter is a dollar amount.

Create a "Discount Expenses" account. Discounts you give customers are an expense to your business. Do not use the "Discounts" account, as this is for discounts offered to you by vendors. When the warning box pops up letting you know that the "Discount Expenses" account doesn't exist click on "OK" to add it. Click on the "Expenses" button on the "Add New Account" window. Click "OK" and go back to the "New Discount" screen. Click on "OK" here and the discount will be saved.

At the end of the invoice enter the named discount in the "Item Code" column. QuickBooks will calculate the percent or dollar amount and subtract it from the invoice total before tax is added. Click "Save and Close" or "Save and New" and the invoice will be saved.