How to Plug in the Wii

by Samantha KempUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Wii console

  • Stand plate (optional)

  • AC adapter

  • Sensor bar

  • Foam tape

  • Sensor bar stand

  • AV cable

The Wii home video game console is a Nintendo product. It comes with a wireless controller and the Wii Sports game package, and the Nintendo website calls it "a social experience for the whole family." With all the cords, multiple instruction manuals, sensors and stands, it is very easy to get overwhelmed while installing the Wii console.

Mounting and Attaching Cords

Determine whether the Wii console will be placed in a horizontal or vertical position. To place it horizontally, position the console on a flat, level surface near your TV. To place it vertically, position the console stand, the piece with the glass stand on the bottom, on a level surface and insert the Wii into the stand's opening.

Plug the AC adapter's DC plug into the opening marked with the voltage notation on the back of the Wii console. Plug the other end into an open electrical outlet.

Insert the AV multi out plug into the largest opening marked "av multi out" on the back of the Wii console. Place the attached yellow plug into the TV's yellow video connector and the white and red plugs into the TV's red and white audio connectors.

Sensor Bar

Insert the sensor bar plug, the plug connected to the small, rectangular sensor bar, into the small colored opening marked "sensor bar" on the back of the Wii console.

Remove the film from the foam pads on the sensor bar's bottom. Apply the enclosed foam tape to further enforce the adhesion. Mount the sensor bar on top of your TV or to the front edge of the TV stand on the same level as the TV.

Remove the protective film from the bottom of the sensor bar stand if it is necessary to elevate the sensor bar. Add foam tape to the bottom and/or top of the stand. Attach the sensor bar stand to the sensor bar and match up the pegs on the stand with the holes on the bottom of the sensor bar. Place the sensor bar stand with sensor bar in desired location.


If the Wii controllers cannot communicate with the sensor bar, reposition the sensor bar where there will be no obstructions.


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