How to Watch HGTV Without Cable Service

By Lynn Anders

Updated September 22, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

HGTV, or Home and Garden Television, produces home decorating and gardening shows for cable. Several of these shows, dating back several years, are available to view online. Depending on the source, you’ll have to the option to view on your television by DVD, on your computer with a direct download or on a mobile device.

Go to and type “HGTV” into the search box. The results will yield several link options to other websites where you can view a selection of HGTV shows online. Follow the links to select your choice of show, season and episode.

Set up an account with With Netflix, you can choose to have certain HGTV episodes delievered to your home on DVD or downloaded to your computer for viewing as they become available.

Watch from your computer some full episodes available at Navigate to the choices from the main webpage by clicking “On TV,” then choosing “Full Episodes.” Click “Watch Full Episode” next to the series you want to watch to stream the show directly to your computer immediately.