How to Play a Game Without Downloading It to a Computer

By Richard Bonilla

Updated September 22, 2017

External hard drives are capable of holding game files for playing.
i Hard Drive image by Tabitha Little from

A PC game requires a CD and game files. With an external hard drive, you can play a game without downloading the files onto your PC. An external hard drive will allow you to download game files onto your external hard drive, and you'll only need the game's CD to play. You will need a hard drive big enough to download and save the game files onto.

Insert your digital hard drive.

Insert your game's installation disc. The installation menu will ask you where you would like to store your game files. Select your digital hard drive.

Select your installed game. Even though the files are installed to your external hard drive instead of your computer, you can insert the game CD and play as if the files were downloaded onto your computer. Each time you decide to play the game, you will need to insert your external hard drive and CD to play.