How to Update Gateway BIOS

By WilliamHanz

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Gateway computer

  • Internet connection

Your Gateway computer's BIOS (basic input/output system) completely controls your personal computer (PC) before Windows is loaded. Throughout this period, the BIOS works to ensure a smooth transition into Windows. Running the most recent version of your Gateway's BIOS firmware will help to make sure that this process is not interrupted in any way. The latest updates to the BIOS firmware your Gateway laptop or desktop computer uses can be found on the Gateway website. After installing the latest firmware, your Gateway's BIOS will be updated.

Open Internet Explorer (IE) or your preferred browser from your Gateway computer's desktop. Pull up the Gateway "Drivers & Downloads" page in your browser (see Resources).

Click the box that says "Select your product type ..." and choose what kind of Gateway computer you are using. Click the "Select your product model ..." box and click the specific Gateway model that you have.

Verify that you have selected the correct Gateway model and click the blue "Display Results" link. Locate the heading that reads "BIOS Downloads" in the page that loads. Click the blue link underneath the "BIOS Downloads" heading that contains the BIOS firmware's filename.

Click the red "Download Now" link on the page that loads. A window containing download instructions will pop up and the download window will open up shortly thereafter. If the download window does not open, click "Download Now" in the "Download Instructions" window.

Select your "Desktop" as the location to save the file to and click "Save" when the download window appears. Allow the file to download. The file will appear on your desktop as soon as it has completed. This file will have an "exe" file extension and be named with a string of numbers.

Double-click the BIOS file that has been saved to your desktop. Click the "Next" button to begin installing the most recent BIOS firmware on your Gateway computer. Click "OK" or "Finish" and restart your Gateway computer. After restarting, your Gateway computer's BIOS will be updated to the newest version available.


Only download the BIOS firmware that Gateway's "Downloads & Drivers" site lists for your model.

Installing the wrong BIOS firmware can cause your computer to malfunction.