How to Put Nintendo Wii in Safe Mode

By Jamie Giggs

Updated September 22, 2017

The Wii is Nintendo's current home-console system and has proved to be massively popular around the world. For a while now rumors have circulated about there being a way to start up the console in a "Safe Mode," similar to that on a computer with Windows. In fact, this is called "Maintenance Mode" and is quite simple to execute. "Maintenance Mode" doesn't do anything different to the Wii, but is clearly a platform for Nintendo in some form.

Turn on your Nintendo Wii and wait until the "Health Warnings" screen appears.

Hold the plus and minus buttons simultaneously, wait a few seconds, then push the A button.

The Nintendo Wii will notify you that you are in "Maintenance Mode." Try clicking on the Wii Message Board and you will see it is disabled.

Once you've explored the relatively similar to normal "Maintenance Mode," reset the Wii to make sure there is no loss of data.