How to Soft Reset an XBox

By Andrew Todd

Updated September 22, 2017

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is a combination of a video gaming system and media center. From time to time, your Xbox 360 system may become sluggish or freeze up. In these instances, a soft reset may be the best (or only) course of action to fix the error. When a soft reset is performed, the system is turned completely off, then turned on again, similar to rebooting a computer. While the data saved on the system will not be lost, any data that was unsaved prior to the soft reset will be lost.

Save your progress if you are in the middle of a game. Unfortunately, if the Xbox 360 is unresponsive (frozen), you may not be able to save your game.

Hold the "Xbox Guide" button, which is the center button with the Xbox logo on it, on the controller for approximately three seconds. Select "Turn off the console" from the pop-up menu to shut down the Xbox 360.

Press the large power button, located on the right side of the front of the Xbox, if the system does not turn off using the "Xbox Guide" button. Once the power button is pressed, the system will turn off.

Remove the power cable from the rear of the Xbox 360 if pressing the power button does not turn off the console.

Reconnect the power cable if disconnected, then either press and hold the "Xbox Guide" button on the controller, or press the power button on the front of the Xbox 360 to turn on the system, completing the soft reset.