How to Play Xbox Games on Xbox 360

By Rusty Caulfield

Updated September 22, 2017

Backward compatibility allows you to play original Xbox games on an Xbox 360.
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Forget the current generation of Xbox 360 games and take a nostalgic romp through yester-year with a play through of an original Xbox game on an Xbox 360. Microsoft’s Xbox 360, released in 2005, has backwards compatibility features, which allows you to play original Xbox games on your Xbox 360 console. Play original Xbox games via the game disc or download a game directly to your console from the Xbox Marketplace.

Play Via Game Disc

Download the latest console update by turning on your Xbox 360 console and signing in to your Xbox Live Account.

Refer to the original Xbox games playable on Xbox 360 list to see if the original Xbox game you wish to play is compatible with Xbox 360. The list is found in the Resources section.

Insert your original Xbox game disc into the Xbox 360 console disc tray. The game will load and allow you to play.

Download Original Xbox Games

Sign in to your Xbox Live account.

Scroll to "Game Marketplace" from the Xbox Dashboard and select “Explore Game Content.”

Scroll to “Games On-Demand,” scroll right and select “All Originals.”

Search for a game using its title or genre.

Select your desired game from the list of games.

Select “Buy” on the display of your desired game.

Select “Confirm Download.”

Wait for the game to download. Once the game has finished downloading, scroll to “My Xbox,” scroll right and select “Game Library.”

Select the original Xbox game from the “Recent Games” list and select “Play Game.”


To play original Xbox games via the game disc, your Xbox 360 console must have the latest update. Downloading original Xbox games to your Xbox 360 console will cost you Microsoft points. You must have sufficient space on your Xbox 360 hardrive to download games.