How to Watch Free Arabic Egyptian Movies Online

By Chelsea Baldwin

Updated September 22, 2017

You can watch a number of different Arabic Egyptian movies online for free.
i laptop closeup image by Tasha from

Whether you want to learn Arabic or have a big interest in Egyptian culture, watching Egyptian movies in Arabic gives you a way to both practice the language and become acquainted with the people and the culture. A number of sites provide free streaming of Egyptian and other Arabic films.

Go to a website that streams Arabic Egyptian movies for free such as or

Find a movie or television show you want to watch. If you don’t see one on the front page, search through different menus, genres or enter the title into the search bar on the site.

Click on the movie you want to watch and allow it to load. Once it has loaded, click the “Play” button or icon and enjoy the show.


Note that not all movies and shows on these sites are Egyptian. If you must watch an Egyptian film, research the film briefly before watching it to ensure it is Egyptian.