How to Put Emails on a USB Flash Drive

By Terrance Karter

Updated September 28, 2017

A USB flash drive is a convenient way to keep copies of emails.
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A USB flash drive, or jump drive, can be used as a storage method for emails. This allows a user to have access to the emails at a later date. Putting emails on a USB flash drive can be a quick and convenient means of creating a backup copy of the emails, including any pictures or documents included with those emails.

Plug the flash drive into a USB port on the computer.

Open the email program on the computer so it will display all the messages you wish to save. In order to save the messages, you must open each individual page you wish to save and display the entire email on the screen.

Click on "Tools," "Options" or "Menu" at the top of the browser screen that displays the email you want to save; the heading shown depends on the browser used. Select "Save page as."

Click "Browse" to browse through the computer. Choose "My Computer" and then choose the drive where the flash drive is plugged in. The flash drive should be identified as "Removable device," "Removable Drive," "USB Flash Drive" or the brand name of the flash drive. Click "Save" to save the email onto the flash drive. Remove the flash drive from the computer when finished saving emails.


If the browser window does not have a "Save As" option, you still can save the email. Highlight the text of the email and click "ctrl" and the "C" key simultaneously to copy it. Click on an open document, then click "ctrl" and "V" simultaneously to paste the text into the document. Then save the document in the same manner to the flash drive.