How to Watch Boomerang TV for Free Online

By MayankJ

Updated September 22, 2017

Shows from Boomerang TV are available on the Web.
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Boomerang TV is a cable channel that shows cartoons originally aired on Cartoon Network and which have been moved to Boomerang after being dropped from the Cartoon Network lineup. Some websites offer free viewing of the cartoons and programs currently broadcast on Boomerang TV.

Direct your browser to one of the several websites that allow viewing of Boomerang cartoons and TV shows. Choices include Boomerang’s website, which has games for kids, Cartoon Network’s website, which is similar to Boomerang and carries the shows because it is Boomerang's sister channel, and TV Channels Free, which provides TV channels from a variety of sources. Some websites such as Boomerang and Cartoon Network are kid friendly, while others have a variety of channels and might not have kid friendly options.

Click on the desired TV channel. Unless using a direct website related to Boomerang, the channel will need to be selected. Websites like TV Channels Free offer a large variety of channels and programs.

Click on the show. Boomerang has a variety of cartoon shows available, suitable for all audiences from age seven and up. The shows are primarily kid friendly and child appropriate. If watching a live channel, which some websites allow, simply click on the "Play" option when the screen for the channel pops up.


Some websites may require that player software be installed on your computer before Boomerang programs will play. Install the appropriate player system if it is not already available on the the computer. To install, click on the run option when the pop-up appears.