How to Print 4x6 Index Cards With Microsoft Word

By Foye Robinson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Index cards

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Word

  • Printer

i Cards in white to be used as background image by ESGatell from

Index cards are a quick way to send reminders, postcards and invitations with or without an envelope. Microsoft Word includes a variety of page options, allowing you to choose your stationery, paper size and paper tray before a document is printed. Simply select the type of index card you're using. Some 4 inch by 6 inch index cards are perforated (on a standard-sized sheet of paper), while others are cut to size. Word lets you to print either type.

Printing Continuous Index Card Sheets

Create a new document in Word 2007.

Select the "Mailings" tab from the ribbon, then click "Labels" from the "Create" group.

Select the "Labels" tab in the "Envelopes and Labels" dialog box. Then click "Options." The "Label Options" dialog box opens.

Select "Avery US Letter" from the "Label vendors" pull-down list.

Choose "8389" from "Product number" and click "OK."

Click "New Document" to load a blank sheet of 4 inch by 6 inch index cards on your page. Then type in the content for the index card, pressing the "Tab" key to move to the next card.

Click the Office Button and "Print" to load the "Print" dialog box.

Click "Properties," then select the "Paper/Quality" tab in the "Properties" dialog box.

Choose "Letter, 8.5x11 in" under "Size is" and click "OK."

Load the sheet of index card into your printer tray and click "OK."

Printing Single Index Cards

Create a new document in Word 2007.

Select the "Page Layout" tab from the ribbon. Then click the "Page Setup" dialog box launcher at the bottom of the "Page Setup" group.

Click the "Paper" tab in the "Page Setup" dialog box. Select "Index Card, (4x6 in.)" from the "Paper size" drop-down list. Then click "OK."

Type in the details for your index cards and press "Ctrl+Enter" to move to a new page.

Go to the "Paper source" section, select the printer tray you wish to print to and click "OK."

Click the Office Button and "Print" to load the "Print" dialog box.

Load the index cards into the printer. Then enter the number of copies you wish to print and click "OK."