How Do I Unsubscribe to Netflix?

by Laura GordonUpdated September 22, 2017
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Netflix is a subscription service for receiving DVD's by mail and streaming television and movies over the Internet. Joining Netflix is as simple as opening an account on-line. When you no longer wish to continue your membership with Netflix, you will need to cancel the account. Cancelling your Netflix account is a straightforward process that requires basic computer skills.

Decide you wish to cancel your Netflix account. You may do so at anytime without incurring cancellation fees.

Log onto your Netflix account using your member name and password.

Click on the "Your Account" button, which leads you to your account information.

Locate the button that says "Cancel Membership" and press.

Return any outstanding DVDs in the postage-paid envelope provided by Netflix. Once you successfully cancel your account, you have seven days to do so. If you fail to do this, you will be charged for an additional month using the payment method you selected upon joining.


There are no refunds for partial months.

Failure to cancel the account properly will result in continued monthly payments.

You may cancel your membership after a one-month trial--as long as you cancel before the trial period ends. If you cancel after the trial period has ended, you will pay for one month's service.


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