How to Play Duck Hunt on Emulator

By Alexander Poirier

Updated September 22, 2017

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When the Nintendo Entertainment System launched in America in 1985, it launched with "Duck Hunt" as one of its many launch titles. "Duck Hunt" came bundled with a light gun attachment, allowing players to aim a gun-shaped controller at their TV screen as they attempted to shoot ducks out of the sky in this hunting simulator. Though a light-gun controller cannot be used, it is possible to play "Duck Hunt" through emulation software on your PC and it only takes a few simple steps.

Open your web browser and navigate to a webpage that offers free NES emulation software. Emulator Zone, Zophar's Domain and Cool ROM are a few of the websites that offer this service.

Download the emulator of your choice. Nestopia, VirtuaNES and Jnes are a few of the emulators offered from these websites. Make sure to download software that is compatible with your operating system and to note where your downloaded file is being saved.

Install the emulation software by double-clicking the installation icon on your computer and following the on-screen installation instructions.

Navigate to a website that provides NES ROMs in your web browser. Cool ROM, Free ROMs and Romnation are a few of the websites that offer this service.

Search for a "Duck Hunt" ROM by using the search section of the webpage. Download the "Duck Hunt" ROM. Make sure to note where the downloaded file is saved on your computer.

Run the emulation software you installed in Step 3 by double-clicking its application icon on your computer. Double-click the "Duck Hunt" ROM. "Duck Hunt" should boot in a virtual screen on your PC.

Use the "Tab" key to select which game type you want to play. Press the "Enter" key to confirm your choice.

Move your mouse around to use your mouse pointer as your aiming reticle. Your mouse button will act as your trigger. Click it to fire a shot.


With emulation software, you can save your game at any time by clicking the "Options" tab on the application menu and selecting "Freeze State." To load your game data, click the "Options" tab and select "Defrost State."


Video game emulation should only be used for games that you own.