How to Link Your Gamertag to an EA Account

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Linking a gamertag to an Origin account lets you take advantage of many features specific to Electronic Arts (EA) games, such as importing a custom-designed world for "Dragon Age: Inquisition." If you don't use the same email address for Xbox Live as you do Origin, you'll need to link the two through the computer software.

Log in to your Origin account via the client software. By default, you'll see the EA Store appear.

Click "Friends" in the menu bar, followed by "Add a Friend." This opens a new dialog box where you can either type in a friend's email or connect your consoles.

Click "Connect" next to the Xbox Live icon under Import Friends. This brings up another dialog box, but this time for Microsoft; sign in to your Xbox Live account on this page. The accounts link together and you'll see a list of friends who also have Origin linked. You don't have to take any further action at this point.


If your Origin and Xbox Live account emails match, logging in to an EA game on your Xbox console automatically links the two accounts if you're connected to the Internet.

Logging into an EA game on your PlayStation console links your PSN account if the email addresses match.


Depending on your account settings, you can run into issues linking the two accounts. If you can't connect your Gamertag, you'll need to contact an EA Game Advisor for assistance.

If an Xbox Live account is linked to another Origin account, you can't link it to yours; you'll receive a message that explains why linking failed if this is the case.