How to Transfer Music to a Samsung Phone

By Michael Roennevig

Updated September 28, 2017

Headphones that connect to a Samsung phone
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Transferring music to your phone is great way of cutting down the number of devices you have to carry by eliminating the need for an additional MP3 player. It's easy and quick to transfer songs onto your Samsung phone from your computer in much the same way you would with your music player by following the steps below.

Locate the software that came with your phone. If you can't find the disc containing your phone's PC suite, you can either order one from Samsung directly or download it from the company's website. Samsung offers support for most of the phones they have manufactured, so even if your phone is an older model, you should be able to get hold of the program you need.

Insert the disc into your computer or install the program from your downloaded file. If you are not prompted to launch the program, go to "My Computer" or "Computer," depending on the operating system you're using, and click on the drive icon to install the software.

Follow the install instructions and personalize as required.

Launch your phone's synchronization suite.

Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable.

Synchronize your phone. You will have the option to synchronize the phone with your computer automatically but will want to manage the music you load onto it manually. Samsung's synchronization suite works in much the same way as an extension of Windows allowing you to drag or move material to your external hardware's sub-folders from your hard drive. You'll need to consult the help section of your software as functionality will differ depending on the age and specifications of your phone.


Buy additional memory for your phone to increase the amount of music you can transfer onto it.