How do I Find the Internet History If the Browsing History Has Been Deleted?

By Liam Walter

Updated September 28, 2017

Not being able to find your Internet history can be a frustrating situation. Many employers, schools and parents monitor the Internet browsing history. However, if it has been deleted, they cannot find the information as easily. Locating this deleted information is a relatively simple process and takes less than a minute for both Windows and Mac users.


Click "Start," then "All Programs," "Accessories," "System Tools" and "Disk Cleanup."

Click "My Files" then "(C:)" file from the drop-down box.

Left-click "Temporary Internet Files and Downloaded Files," "View Files."


Double-click "Time Machine" icon on your desktop and click "Set Up Time Machine."

Click the "Off" button and change it to "On." This backs up your current system.

Double-click your Safari browser icon.

Left-click "File," "Preferences," "Security."

Left-click "Show Cookies" to view the deleted history.