How Do I Embed a Chat Box on an ESPN Fantasy League Page?

By Scott Levin

Updated September 22, 2017

Fantasy football competition can be enhanced with a league chat box.
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Few activities get the competitive juices flowing like a fantasy football league among friends. Fantasy football is the ultimate game of bragging rights and friendly trash talk. Anyone can play, and on any given week, anyone can win. Inserting a chat box on your fantasy football website can increase the banter, help connect league members who may not know each other and maintain activity among participants. It is also a great tool for commissioners to make league announcements. There are a number of options, including some free choices, for installing a league chat box.

Creating a Chat Box

Go to the Chat Box website found in the References section of this article. Click on "Sign Up" from the main page.

Choose a username and password, and fill out the rest of the information in regard to your website. Select a chat box style, which will be previewed on the right-hand side.

Click "Create my Cbox!" near the bottom of the page. Type your password on the next page and click the arrow to enter your account control panel.

Click the "Publish!" link at the top of the page. Locate the HTML code for the chat box. Click "Copy to clipboard."

Inserting the Chat Box

Log in to your ESPN account. Go the main page of the fantasy football league in which you want the chat box to appear. You must have league manager access to edit the page.

Click the link "Edit LM Note." Select the spot where you want the chat box to appear. Right-click and choose "Paste."

Click "Submit message" when the chat box code has been pasted.


There are more than one chat box options on the Internet. For more features and customization, choose a paid service like Play around with the location of your chat box. If the box is not getting much activity, try another location on the page. Promote your chat box through e-mail or on the league message board. Schedule chat events, like a league trade meeting, that encourage participants to gather and use the chat box.


Chat boxes provide the opportunity for members to make unflattering comments for everyone to see. Make sure you trust your managers or lay out some ground rules regarding the posting of inappropriate material. If overly concerned, choose a chat box service that lets you modify or delete comments.