How to Reset Updates on an Xbox

By Esther Zinn

Updated September 22, 2017

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Occasionally, you may want to clear your Xbox 360's hard drive cache, especially if you encounter glitches with firmware updates. Previously, the system was could be cleared partially of its data by holding down the "A" button while a game was booting up. However, there are three updated methods which can allow you to clear the entire hard drive cache, which may help troubleshoot problematic firmware. You may either input a flash code, return the system to its defaults, or reformat the hard drive through the Xbox dashboard.

Inputting the Code

Go to the system menu and then select the memory option.

Highlight the "HD symbol" within this menu.

Press the "Y" button with the "HD symbol" highlighted.

Enter the rest of the code: "X," "X," "Left Bumper," "Right Bumper," "X," "X."

A system message will now appear that says, "Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?" Confirm and proceed with the process. Once this process is complete, the system will also be cleared of any software updates.

Returning the System to Its Defaults

Prepare the console for a system reset. Remove any discs inside the Xbox. Then turn off the console.

Turn the console back on by using your controller. To do this, press and hold the controller's "Power" button, located in the center with the Xbox logo, until your console turns on.

While the console is still starting up, press and hold both the "Y" button and the right trigger at the same time. Continue holding both of the buttons until you see an Xbox 360 logo on the screen.

The console will now restart and you will see the Xbox 360 logo again on the screen. At this point, the console's settings should now be reset to their original defaults.

Run the Initial Setup Utility

Turn on your Xbox 360 and go straight to your "Dashboard." Scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Initial Setup." Confirm that you wish to run the "Initial Setup" utility. Once the program completes, your Xbox will restart.

Select the "My Xbox" tab and from there, select "System Settings."

Scroll to the bottom and select "Initial Setup." Confirm that you wish to run the "Initial Setup" utility. Once the program has finished running, your Xbox will restart and will be flashed of any system updates.


Once you've reformatted your Xbox of information on your hard drive, you may lose important data, and you cannot revert to your previous settings.

You may need to perform an addiitonal firmware update to play games or to connect to Xbox Live.