How to Play Sims Without a Disk

By Jose Leiva

Updated September 22, 2017

The Sims is a series of video games which, as of 2010, is on its third installment with The Sims 3. This video game is considered a “God” game because the player is in control of every aspect of his character’s life. If you want to play a Sims game without the disk, the only legal way to do this is by downloading the game from the Internet instead of purchasing the CD version of the game.

Go online to the Sims website (see References section of this article) or any online video game seller that allows you to buy the downloadable version of the game.

Purchase and download the game to your computer.

Click “Run” when the pop-up appears asking you about saving or running the download, and then follow the installation wizard to install the Sims video game onto your computer. The download and installation will include a patch that allows you to play the game without using the disk. This patch is available to download from file sharing websites but it is illegal to obtain in this manner.

Click “Start/All Programs/EA Games/The Sims” to open the Sims video game and the game will load without the need to insert a disk.